Grammarly Review 2021: Is Grammarly Premium Worth It?


English is the language that focuses on not only spellings but grammar also. As a writer, you must have a good command of English grammar. In case you don’t have any expertise in grammar but you have to do writing then Grammarly will be the best tool for you.

Grammarly is not only good for writing but it also helps to improve your communication too. With the help of Grammarly, you can easily check the progress of your English communication. It also helps you to improve your grammar and spelling. By suggesting the right words for your mistakes.

At present Grammarly is one of the very popular tools among people and mostly among writers. Because writers use this tool for cross-checking and proofreading their writing. Grammarly shows the mistakes of the content and suggests the right word in place of inappropriate words. With the help of this information, one can improve their writing.

Grammarly provides their service both free and paid. To get the extra or advanced features one has to go for its paid version. Because the Grammarly premium version provides more benefits and features than the free version.

If you want to know more about Grammarly then go through the post. In this post, you will get all the information about Grammarly and some basic questions which you must know before using Grammarly.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly Review

Grammarly is an online spell & grammar checking tool. By using Grammarly tools anyone can correct their English Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes in seconds. Grammarly just not only focuses on the spelling & grammar of content but also helps to increase your writing to a high level. This extraordinary spell & grammar checking software was first launched by Kyiv, Ukraine in July 2009.

Grammarly is software that is maintained by artificial intelligence. This tool not only fixes your grammatical mistakes but also makes your writing readable and understandable to the readers. Grammarly focuses on whether your content is reader-friendly or not.

Grammarly also notifies you whether your content is easily readable and how you can make some changes for making your content readable. This amazing software also works as a plagiarism checker for correcting your grammars and spellings.

If you use Grammarly then you not only improve the contents of your blog or website. But you also will be able to correct the grammar and spelling of the messages on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Linkedin, gmails.

Is Grammarly Premium Worth it?

Grammarly Cost

As you know Grammarly offers spell and grammar check service with some suggestions of commas and punctuation. Apart from these services Grammarly also comes with a variety of features like-

    1. Grammarly shows clarity-focused sentences to rewrite.
    2. Grammarly does Tone adjustments in your writing work.
    3. Grammarly also worked as a Plagiarism checker tool because Grammarly also detected Plagiarism in any content.
    4. Grammarly also suggests you a good word choice for your content.
    5. Grammarly shows a very good formality level.
    6. Grammarly works very hard on your fluency.

What is the Grammarly premium version?

As we discussed above, the free version comes with the very limited tools and services of Grammarly. But the paid version of Grammarly provides each and every service of Grammarly.

Grammarly Premium is a paid upgraded version of Grammarly that offers dear customers over 400 types of checks and features. By using a Grammarly premium version one can check grammatical errors very fast.

Premium version of Grammarly also provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions. You can also use the detect plagiarism feature of Grammarly in its premium version. Grammarly also provides citation suggestions to their users.

Whether the free version of Grammarly only allows users to access some of the very few features. But the premium version of Grammarly is come with the ultimate tool to ensure that everything you write on the web or docs or Ms office is captivating, precise, and reader-friendly.

So if anyone wants to use Grammarly to be an expert in their writing or communication then they must go for the premium version of this tool.

Grammarly Cost

How to use Grammarly?

The way Grammarly offers its service it seems that using Grammarly is a complex task. But I must say that anyone can use Grammarly very easily because Grammarly offers a very simple interface for its user. And Grammarly also provides its service in different ways, so anyone can use Grammarly as per their wish.

  • If anyone wants to use Grammarly in their Google Chrome then they can use Grammarly just by installing the Grammarly extension in their Google Chrome. After the installation of Grammarly when they type any word and the word seems to be wrong then Grammarly will suggest the right word.
  • If anyone wants to use Grammarly in their Microsoft office to check their work then also they can easily use Grammarly in Microsoft office without any problem.
  • If anyone wants to use Grammarly on their tablet, then they can use the tablet version of Grammarly.
  • If you are writing in Google docs and want to use Grammarly in it then you can use the beta version of Grammarly for this purpose.

For using Grammarly, you just need to copy your content and paste it in the given space of the interface of Grammarly and then just click on the check button to get the results.


Grammarly Cost

Is Grammarly for free?

Yes, Grammarly is a free application but also offers the paid or premium version. If you use the free version of Grammarly then you will get very limited services like spelling checking, comma and punctuation checking, spell and grammar suggestions. But if anyone wants to use the complete service of Grammarly then they should go for its premium version.

Is Grammarly illegal to use?

No Grammarly is totally legal to use for anyone. Until you use Grammarly for any unhealthy and harmful content. If you use Grammarly for your normal works and assignments or projects then it is very safe and totally legal.

Is Grammarly owned by Google?

No! Grammarly is not owned by Google. The tool Grammarly is developed by Ukrainians Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider in the year 2009. And the application Grammarly owned by Grammarly Inc. In the year 2018 Grammarly has launched its beta version which works very well in Google docs.

Does Grammarly steal your work?

No! Grammarly does not steal your work. It just helps you to recheck your content and show you the mistakes. Grammarly not only shows you the mistakes of your work but also gives you suggestions to improve your work.

Is Grammarly good for students?

No! Grammarly is not good for students. Because Grammarly shows all the mistakes of content both spellings and grammatical mistakes and suggest the correction of the mistakes. That is why students get very obsessed with Grammarly and use Grammarly for their home works, projects, and assignments. By doing this they did not try to learn anything. They just copy and complete their work with the help of Grammarly.

Does Grammarly cause viruses?

Grammarly is known as “malicious software” also. Even Grammarly offers the service of writing checks and providing suggestions then also this software comes with some viruses. Because it excessively sends the content provided by you to their server. In this transfer sometimes viruses also come with the results.

Can Grammarly improve my writing?

Yes! Grammarly helps you to improve your writing. If you use Grammarly for your work then you see the improvement on your own. If you focus on the correction made by Grammarly on your mistakes then you won’t repeat those mistakes again and that will help you to improve. That is the main reason why most professional writers go for the premium version of Grammarly.

Is Grammarly free for students?

Yes! Grammarly is available for free for students to some extent. But students are also won’t be able to use all the features and services of Grammarly for free. For using the free version of Grammarly students have to sign up with their University email.

Who uses Grammarly?

Anyone can use Grammarly for their work. If they want to improve their English writing or English communication then without hesitation they can use this best tool. Grammarly is mostly used by job seekers who want to learn English, foreign students who don’t have a good command of the English language and this is best for English learners.

Is Grammarly available on mobile devices?

Yes! Grammarly is available on mobile devices. If you use mobile for your writing then also you can use it to check the grammar and spelling of your writing on mobile. Grammarly is available for Android 5.0 and for the new android version. Grammarly also supports tablets. So you can use Grammarly on your tablet. For using Grammarly on your Android mobile you just need to install Grammarly keyboard.

Does Grammarly offer a trial?

No! Grammarly doesn’t offer any trial to any person at a time. Instead of providing a free trial, Grammarly believed in providing a free version of their service with some functionalities. If anyone wants to use Grammarly for free then they can use their free version. Their free version provides services like grammar punctuation commas and so on. For getting extra features and function one have to move for its premium version.

Do professional writers use Grammarly?

Yes! Grammarly is used by professional writers also they use this tool to recheck their content and for proofreading. As Grammarly doesn’t steal anyone’s work and data. So it is very safe for professionals to cross-check their content. Grammarly is far better than any proofreading or spell checker tool.


Hope! After reading the complete review & faq about the Grammarly tool. Now it may easy for you to understand as a writer why you should use Grammarly? If you find this article helpful, Do not forget to share it on social media.

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